Sourdough Rendezvous Annual Festival


The Northern Mardi Gras ! A Yukon event since 1945. Throw on a feather boa or a bowler hat and join northerners in Whitehorse as they stampede outside every February during the zany Sourdough Rendezvous carnival to shrug off the cabin fever of a long winter. For almost half a century Yukoners have stomped on the snow to the beat of fiddles and taken part in old-time competitions like axe throwing and chainsaw chucking. Cheer on Huskies as they face-off in a wacky howling competition and laugh at the wife-carrying competitors. Taste the greatness of sourdough pancakes with warm maple syrup. Walk into the town bank and find yourself in the middle of a gold-rush “melodrama” complete with a damsel in distress. Stroll downtown shops that look like Klondike saloons and brothels. Dine on fresh, northern cuisine like northern pike and caribou, listen to local musicians such as the Snowshoe Shufflers and spin the wheel at a honky-tonk casino. Then head to bed under a sky ribboned with red, green and yellow Northern Lights.



Mid February


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