39 Days of July is a music festival that takes place at Charles Hoey Memorial Park.

The arts and cultural community joining forces with the business sector to prove we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’.

2012 being the centennial for the City of Duncan we wanted to have a celebration that would really grab attention so we upped the ante from the previous year’s ‘all of July’ summer festival to our present ‘from long weekend to long weekend’ format giving us 39 days of festival time that year…hence the 39 Days of July.

Now festivals are cool thangs that happen every weekend during the summer all over Canada / BCand Vancouver Island. This allows many paying audience members a memorable chance to hear their favourite acts ‘live’ as well as getting turned on to new artists they might happen chance upon. Most of these festival musicians are usually far from home and wonder what to do during the weeks between these many festival gigs. Well, some of those performers turns out will be joining us for our 39 Days of July 2016  … we call this rocket science.


July Dates Unconfirmed


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