About EnjoyCanada.ca

First, Welcome to EnjoyCanada.ca !

  Promote your ANNUAL Tournament, Festival or Event on EnjoyCanada.ca – for free. From fishing or hockey tournaments – live music or food festivals, Fairs or cultural events, Craft sales or Bizzars ( only a few ideas of so many we enjoy in Canada but you get the idea, if it’s ANNUAL get listed ). We’re working on being the #1 destination site for finding out about annual events of all kinds all over Canada, so make sure you’re listed.

There are no charges to add your event, no setup fees and no monthly costs. You can add as many events as you wish, there are no limits.
It’s simple to add your event and when it’s there, it’s there now and for next year and the following year and for ever untill you remove it.

Fill in our simple form and your events go live on our events guide instantly. You have full control and can edit them whenever you wish. You can copy and relist events, so whether you’re adding 1 or 100 events, it’s a breeze. Say your a town with multiple annual events throughout the year- promote them all, it’s free !
You can be up and running in just a few minutes. Registration is completely free, with no subscription. Festivals, Tournaments and Events you add goes live immediately.

Business and Charity events welcome : restaurants, retail, maybe a mall event, if it’s annual, go right ahead and add it !

Were just building this site up and thought why not get listings going now. It’s only going to get bigger and better as it grows.

See you soon 🙂